EES Research has experience in many areas including; Water, Mining, Petrochemical, Transport, Information systems, Communications systems and many others. EES Research has the capability to provide origional innovative research, to solve current problems and provide robust designs for standard, harsh, and hazardous environments meeting or exceeding customer expectations. If you are looking for a measurement solution which you would like to have manufactured and assembled for you, then why not get in touch with the manager of our senior R&D personnel. Our team has a track record of successfully completion of an array of products that are being successfully marketed and sold worldwide by well known companies. We have the capabilities to build a product for you which will belong to you. 


Latest News from EES Research

********************************* April 2016... EES Research develops a range of USB input/output modules

At the end of 2015 EES Research carried out EMC compliance testing for one of its clients.

The client product operated over Modbus RTU so it was necessary to test using a third party USB-RS485 converter. During testing this converter was physically damaged and stopped working.

Out of curiosity we designed and built our own USB to RS485 converter and completed the EMC testing using this.

Spurred on by this success we have subsequently developed several USB-To converters......

USB to PT100, accepting either 4 or 3 wire probes.

USB to 0/4... 20mA current output, active and passive options.

USB to 0/4... 20mA current input, active and passive options.

USB relay output, dual normally open and normally closed.

USB to open collector, can operate as an alarm, pulse and a frequency output.

If you would like more information about these modules then please contact us, see our Contact Us page for details.

********************************* September 2015... EES Research invests in 3D printer technology

EES Research has invested in a bench top 3D printer so going from idea to physical model has never been quicker and easier.

********************************* July 2015... EES Research extends web presence

EES Research now has .com, .uk and domains so finding us on the internet has never been easier.

********************************* June 2015... EES Research receives substantial R&D Tax Credit

"EES Research Ltd is a specialist research and development company focussing on the innovative application of precision ultrasonic techniques in industrial process measurement and control applications.

Continuous investment in R&D is vital to ensuring the success and sustainability of the business. Thanks to Tony Lord of Butler Basford Lord Ltd we were alerted to the generous cash benefits available to us under the R&D Tax Credit scheme. We were surprised at the complexity of the scheme and quickly appreciated the value of using the knowledge and experience of BBL.

The claim was completed quickly, with minimal effort on our part, and we soon received a significant repayment of Corporation Tax previously paid to HMRC. We have used this cash to invest even more in R&D, knowing this will enhance our competitive advantage in the future."

For more information please visit Butler Basford Lord Ltd at


June 2015... EES Research uses easyGUI for graphical user interface

For over 3 years EES Research Ltd has been developing instrumentation and control systems for a number of international clients. The task of developing graphical user interfaces is made much easier by our investment in easyGUI

For more information and other satisfied users visit easyGUI at the link above.



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